Multi-Location Solutions

 social media for multiple locations

When it comes to multiple locations, you need to be assured that your brand is remaining consistent across all those locations AND the channels on which those locations are being marketed. Here at OSM, we’ve developed specialized multi-location solutions to guarantee that consistency as we understand it’s an integral part of your business.

What you need to know:

  • Every physical location has its own Facebook page.
  • Pages for local businesses are auto-generated on multiple social media platforms– whether you want them there or not, people are viewing and using these un-managed pages.
  • Reviews are an important part of a customer’s decision making process.
  • Managing these pages will improve the image of your brand and give you full reign to monitor and manage your reputation and make a good first impression.

OSM can help you build a unified brand across the multiple locations you own and those locations’ social media pages. Find out what we can do for your multi-location organization!