Content Marketing

OSM has developed content marketing strategies for social media that produce incredible reach results for your business. Below are examples of Facebook posts that we have used these particular content marketing strategies on and their effective results:

Boosted Post

  • Engaging post that captures the audience’s attention
  • Set dollar amount to increase exposure to potential customers
  • Reach the targeted audience you want
  • Target audience by age, gender, and location
  • Specified time period to run

social media content marketing

Increase Engagement

  • Organic engaging/relatable post
  • Fun/interactive context commanding an action from the audience
  • 11,834 people reached for free
  • 1,169 people engaged in conversation
  • 639 people clicked on the actual post

social media content marketing

Increase Followers To Increase Your Organic Audience

  • Effective Facebook Ad campaign
  • Steady increase over one month
  • Increased audience reach
  • Cost-effective budget
  • Substantial result rate

Increase followers to increase your audience with a strong social media content marketing strategy