Social Media Branding

Your brand is an invaluable part of your business plan. It shows the world what your business does and what it values. It vastly affects your in-person reputation among your incoming and current customers.  Social media branding is a carry-over of that stellar reputation you’ve built for yourself in-person. OSM will transpose your in-person brand to an online format to represent you effectively across social media. We will:

*draw up a plan that will effectively put your name on social media to be recognized by your current and potential customers.

*utilize the top five social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Yelp, and YouTube to execute your planned social media campaign and spread awareness for your brand.

By completing the tasks above, OSM will be able to reach every possible customer, both current and potential, of your business via social media, which is quickly proving to be the most effective marketing strategy in the marketplace.