We're Hiring!

“Get aboard the Rocket Ship”

We toss this phrase out frequently in the office, because if you’re lucky enough to be part of our team, you’re in for the journey of a lifetime—and you had better strap in, because we are blasting off into another stratosphere. Right now, we’re carefully selecting smart, savvy, motivated, and creative people who want to be part of something big and join a very special team.

We’re one of Minnesota’s fastest growing companies, and we’re just getting started. We’ve accomplished some incredible things in a short amount of time, and this has only been possible because of the people who make us great; OUR EMPLOYEES!

If you’re looking for a place where you can experience enormous professional growth, with limitless possibilities, that values the input of every employee, and where you will learn something new every day, this is where you should be.

We only hire individuals who share the grandness of our vision and want to contribute in effective and meaningful ways. So let us introduce ourselves to you and highlight a few of the core values that we believe make us great.  

Help Each Other be Great

With us, you’ll be an integral part of a fast-paced environment in which we constantly tackle new and intriguing challenges—but you’ll never do it alone. None of us are as good as all of us. Since we share the same vision, we’re not trying to jockey against one another for personal gain. We work hand in hand to elevate one another so that we can succeed individually as a byproduct of succeeding collectively.

Trust > Control

When a company experiences the rate of growth we’re experiencing, many steer towards a mindset of control and micromanaging every little thing—not so here. Instead, we let smart people be smart. We look to hire the right individuals, clearly define our goals in a context that makes sense, and give our team members the support they need to manage their own responsibilities. If we each own our role, we don’t need unnecessary control.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

If we’re going to continue to get better every day, we need an environment that values open, honest, and transparent communication—top to bottom and vice versa. No matter what department you work in, you play an important part.

Have a big idea that you want to test and see if it’s worth implementing? Go ahead! We value, encourage, and insist that you share your thoughts with the team so we can better manage our customer base. This isn’t just something we ask you to do, it is required and also celebrated at every opportunity. We want you to let your creative juices flow and experience the challenge of the job in fun and interesting ways. We know that if we assist our employees in becoming their best selves only strengthens our collective power and helps us deliver the best results for our clients.

Love what you’ve heard? Check out our open positions and send us your application today!

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work